Club Mephisto – Clamps, Crops, and Spikes (Part 2 of 4)

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The dominant woman put an enthusiastic level of curiosity into considering their first play space as she slowly walked the floor between stations, intrigued by her options while her husband obediently followed behind her footsteps without a single word spoken.

Was she up for a suspension bondage demo that would end with an opportunity to give her sub a good fucking in the ass with a strap-on?

Or did she feel more like lounging with the other dommes while he took his place at her feet pampering her in competition to see which woman had the best service at her disposal?

After making a full circle to consider each and every one of her delicious options, the both of them growing more turned on with every scene that they witnessed in passing while she contemplated his fate, Mistress Elizabeth eventually settled on a station featuring a St. Andrew’s Cross to which she could bind her submissive before subjecting him to the exciting array of teases and tortures that had been hung nearby at her ready.

Though a small crowd gathered as other attendees sipped on drinks and curiously gazed on in voyeuristic delight as Elizabeth backed her husband up to the leather-padded bondage device and made short work of clipping each of the cuffs that he already wore to rings on either end of the cross, the couple found it surprisingly easy to get lost in their own world of give and take as David further gave in to subspace while his tantalizing wife took a keen joy in making him helpless in her hands, proceeding to buckle a myriad of extra leather straps around his arms and legs once his cuffs had been secured and then even silencing him a step further by popping a shiny, red ballgag between his lips and buckling it behind his neck, allowing him to savor her scent as she leaned over him and took her time cinching the gag to its perfect tightness.

“I love the look of you when you’re good and bound, my slave…” Elizabeth purred as she nibbled at her husband’s neck before taking a step back and running her long, red fingernails sharply down his chest.

Digging into his thighs as he groaned softly into his newfound gag, the woman grinned in appreciation of the special cage that he wore that not only prevented him from becoming fully aroused at her hand, but even punished him for doing so by means of the series of precisely positioned spikes inside of the device that were designed to dig cruelly into his tender flesh whenever his arousal attempted to test its yet to be defeated bonds.

As her hands wandered back up her husband’s chest, Elizabeth smiled as she noticed his distinct shiver as she grazed his nipples, which of course directed her attention towards his eager buds all the more as she crudely dug her nails deep into the base of both nipples simultaneously, eliciting a full-fledged groan that left the dominants in their audience laughing with glee while their submissives winced silently in solidarity…

Turning over to the nearby rack where a variety of clamps hung, the redhead was surprised to find herself facing a bright and smiling blonde who pointed to a pair of metal nipple clamps boasting particularly nasty-looking teeth and told her, “You should try these! They always get a fun reaction when I use them with my boys!”

Elizabeth snickered at the unsolicited input from the admittedly attractive, young blonde wearing a short, white leather miniskirt and a matching leather corset top, and after giving it a moment’s thought to confirm that she was no real threat, the woman invited with a playful grin, “Would you like to do the honors???”

The blonde’s eyes lit up as she licked her lips, replying, “ABSOLUTELY!” before taking the prized clamps from the rack and following her host’s lead as they returned to where her husband was restrained in waiting.

Snapping the vicious nipple clamps in her fingers as she stared down the helpless man trapped before her, the blonde relished as she taunted him, “Oh, you’re going to love these, slave boy…” before settling the wide jaw onto each nipple, then gently but fully easing the teeth into his tender flesh until they had evoked the special whimper through the man’s gagged lips that both of the dominant women were expecting.

Grinning broadly as she reached out and tugged on the chain connecting the clamps with a single finger, Elizabeth admired how firm of a grip the girl’s choice had to offer and introduced herself…

“These are nice! I’m Elizabeth, and this is … well, actually slave boy is good enough for now!”

“I’m Jessie…” the blonde replied, her gaze still fixated on the slave bound before her as she enjoyed the dynamic between the couple that she’d only been witnessing for just a few moments.

She then stepped off to the side so that the two could return to their scene, particularly loving the new woman’s position as she leaned in close and reached up to run her fingers down her submissive’s bound arms while whispering to her grumbling man, “Do they hurt as much as they look like they hurt???”

When her hands eventually wandered down below his waist once again and her fingernails found themselves digging into her slave’s balls, Elizabeth purred with her lips less than an inch from his gag, “Now I think we have some unfinished business to attend to…”

Selecting a long, thin riding crop from the display that hung on the wall on the opposite side of the rack, the seductive wife further reinforced her position by strictly running the tip of the crop up the inside of one of his legs, then taking a quick crack at his exposed balls that hung outside of the steel cage before turning to the other leg and repeating the process.

David groaned at every impact that landed on his testicles, which subsequently shook his body and made his nipples suffer even worse as his trembling body caused the metal teeth of the clamps to settle further into his sore flesh. As he strained to accept his punishment, the audience around him – including the sexy blonde who had suggested his latest torture – seemed to fade into the distance as the best his senses could do was to focus on his latex and leather-clad wife as she tantalized him with the crack of the riding crop faster than his mind could keep up…

Just when he thought that he’d had enough, he heard his mistress’s voice perk up.

“Oh Jessie? Since you seem to enjoy my slave’s suffering so much, could I trouble you for a little more assistance?”

“How can I help?!” the blonde grinned as she stepped back into the man’s vision, quick to note that the sadistic grin on her lips was quite familiar to the one that he’d grown accustomed to from his own mistress.

Elizabeth smiled.

“Those shoes you’re wearing are rather sexy…” she said, pointing at the white designer stilettos that the girl wore on her feet.

“Slave boy here has a bit of a fetish for high heels like yours … but I’ve also found that they do a fine job of serving as weights for a good pair of nipple clamps like the ones that you picked out for him to wear!”

 “I see!” the gorgeous blonde grinned as her eyes drilled in on the slave’s clamps that had by now quite firmly settled their grip into the man’s tortured nipples, then with a proud flip of her hair Jessie stepped out of one shoe, then the other, plucking them both up with her fingers and then looking back to the man’s wife once more for direction.

“So … one or both?” she asked with a malicious look on her face as the crowd watched in anticipation.

Gingerly teasing the chain between the clamps with her riding crop, Elizabeth replied, “Let’s go with one to start, and we’ll let him work his way up to both of them…”

As Jessie anxiously approached and held out one of her impressive, stiletto heels towards the slave’s chest, Elizabeth leaned in close enough so that only the two of them could hear the next words to flow from her lips.

“Now, slave – I think you’ll agree that these are really nice looking shoes that our new friend here is letting you borrow.”

“I’m sure it’s going to hurt like a bitch when she hangs that first heel over these already cruel nipple clamps here in a moment, and so we’re going to do our best to distract you from all of that delicious pain that’s sure to follow!”

“But let me be clear of one thing – struggle as you must, but if you happen to drop a single one of Jessie here’s gorgeous, designer heels while we’re whipping you, I can guarantee that you’re REALLY not going to like what’s going to come after that…”

(Part 3 coming soon!)

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