Club Mephisto – A Quaint Introduction… (Part 1 of 4)

Elizabeth could already hear the cries and moans of anonymous strangers from the club floor as she sat in one of the private dressing rooms backstage, carefully lacing the classic, dagger-like leather ankle boots onto her latex-clad feet while her husband knelt dutifully beside her, very much already lost in his own character as he awaited his mistress’s final preparations before they could start their regularly scheduled night of carnal pleasure.

The couple came to the club for an escape from their everyday lives.

A chance to live out their naughtiest fantasies.

And what they soon discovered to be the very best sex of their lives.

With Elizabeth naturally gravitating to the dominant role while her husband took the opportunity to embrace his hidden desires to serve earnestly at her feet, it didn’t take long for the allures of BDSM to fully entrance their latest incredibly eager victims. While she became quickly overwhelmed by a new standard of femininity as she was drawn to sexually charged, black leather and latex clothes with the sky high footwear to match, he gave in to all of the tools and torments of the trade that made submitting to his wife a freeing experience despite regularly being bound in heavy chains and leather bondage and treated like he was beneath her in every sense of the imagination.

Staring up at Elizabeth as she stood before the floor to ceiling mirror in her 5” heels, the curves of her decadent body even further accentuated on account of the shiny, black latex catsuit and corset that he had helped lace her into moments earlier, her presence made it easy to justify the stainless steel cuffs that he wore around both his wrists and ankles, not to mention the steel cage that he wore around his cock whose key his wife wore proudly on her right ankle as a clear sign that his role was to focus on her pleasure that evening while his remained at her feet where he belonged…

“Ready to go, slave?” the scarlet-haired woman asked with a wink as she finished touching up her deep red lipstick, then gave a gentle tug on the leash that had been tucked into her belt while she had been tending to her makeup.

Bowing his head and leaning forward to offer his appreciation to the toe of her shiny boot, David spoke, “Lead the way, mistress…” before taking to his feet and following behind his wife as far as the leather lead attached to the collar around his neck would allow as they gingerly walked away from the safety of the dressing rooms in the direction of the booming music that was accented quite regularly by screams of both passion and pleasure by the ongoing activities of the other patrons…

As Elizabeth looked out onto the club floor, surveying the various stations that the staff had setup for the night and noticing both some that were new along with some familiar favorites, the beaming smile on the kinky woman’s face confirmed that they were in for a long night of debaucherous fun and there was no other place on Earth where she would rather spend a Saturday night.

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KinkyWriter is an erotic author who enjoys writing about BDSM and fetishes, including kinks like female domination, chastity, cuckolding, and many more. Helping readers to explore their perverted desires is a special perk of writing kinky erotica, and KinkyWriter is looking forward to sharing more of these fantasies in their second Smutathon!

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