Body of Work

The morning started with the glaring beep of the alarm. As she sank back into the mattress after reaching to silence her phone, she was met with the unmistakable firmness that came from the state of his cock in the morning. His arm wrapped around her and his hand rested on her breast. She loved the way his hands felt in a fuck. Each part worked together to bring her closer to a goal. She really enjoyed feeling his hands pulling her head towards him until their mouths met and devoured each other. As she moved under him, his firm palms kneading her skin, relishing in the texture of her body. His palms melted away into long, distinct fingers that curled into her hair and moved down the front of her neck to her breasts. He paused here to squeeze her nipples. She exhaled a moan she had been holding for months. Although she had found stolen moments for her own fingertips to explore her own terrain, his were more electric than she remembered. His fingertips guided her body into position and she felt his cock slide into her. She didn’t realize she had that much wetness prepared for them both. As he pumped into her, sounds of release and satisfaction came from both of their throats, meeting in each other’s breath as they tried desperately to keep the energy in. Her hands found his hips to pull him deeper into her, and his fingertips dug into her flesh when the waves crashed down on them. She ran her hands down his back and over his skin, damp with strenuous sweat. She could feel the fingertip divots where she had squeezed him into her, which made her smile and chuckle to herself. The rest of the house began stirring, and they would soon be jolted back into the routine of their days. But for this moment, they remained two bodies working with each other for a soft landing back to reality.

Domestic Spy

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