2020 Authors

More and more writers are joining the Smutathon team! Find out more about the fabulous people writing for Smutathon 2020

Anne Stagg

Anne Stagg is an author and poet. Her sex-positive, erotic fantasy series, The Mound of Gaia, is available exclusively on Bellesa.co. Read her poetry, flash fiction, and musings on annestaggwrites.com. Anne is active in advocating for the creation of healthy, affirming sexual spaces for women, the LGBTQIA community, and the BDSM/kink community.  She also co-hosts #fetchat (@Fet_Chat on Twitter), a weekly TwitterChat to encourage education about safe, sane, and consensual BDSM and kink practices. You can follow Anne on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Twitter: @annestaggwrites
Website: annestaggwrites.com

Charlton C. Tod

Charlton Tod is a sex blogger, smut writer, and reviewer of sex toys and sexier books. His writing consists primarily about his explorations into Primal Play, while his stories tend to vary wildly from one thing to another. When not writing, he can be found practicing cooking techniques, spending time with his lovely wife, or geeking out on a good RPG. He is also the host of #FantasySmutFriday, a weekly writing prompt challenge to help fellow authors push their creativity.


Twitter: @Charlton_Tod
Website: forbiddenwritings.blog

Coffee and Kink

Amy Norton is a sex blogger, erotica author, kink community organiser, and filthbeast extraordinaire. She writes about sex toys, non-monogamy, mental health and more on her site “Coffee & Kink” as well as for a number of other outlets. She lives in the UK with her primary partner, fur-children, and frankly ridiculous collection of vibrators.


Twitter: @CoffeeAndKink
Website: coffeeandkink.me

Confess Hannah

Hannah lives up north, and has a weakness for rolled up sleeves, spreadsheet proficiency and adventures. Her writing is mostly inspired by her own experiences and kinks which range from submissive behaviours, bruises and collars, to Disney characters who eat five dozen eggs.

Hannah is thrilled to be writing again for Smutathon 2019!

You can find her on Twitter with a monochrome nude or .gif for every occasion at @confess_hannah.


Hannah currently does not have a blog but we are very happy to say that her brilliant writing will be hosted here for Smutathon.

Twitter: @confess_hannah

Daire Faust

Daire Faust is an erotic romance story teller, adult toy and book reviewer, sex blogger, and freelance kink writer. The majority of her erotic romance work focuses on people like herself – fat, LGBTQ+, and geeky.


Twitter: @SmutGeek
Website: smutgeek.com

Eve Ray

Eve discovered BDSM and good sex quite late in life, and began writing about her experiences five years ago. When not having good sex or caning her submissives, Eve is generally to be found in real ale pubs or vintage shops.


Twitter: @EveRay1
Website: evetemptations.wordpress.com

Exhibit A

Exhibit A is a sex writer, blogger and author, based in London. He has a particular interest in erotic photography and male sexuality, and enjoys subverting mainstream expectations of both. He is in a non-monogamous marriage with fellow Smutathon author ‘The Other Livvy’. His 2019 resolution is to write more fiction – hopefully much of it here!


Twitter: @EA_unadorned
Website: exhibitunadorned.com

Isabelle Lauren

Isabelle Lauren is an incurable romantic with a filthy mind. She writes short and long form erotica and is an active sex blogger. It is her dream to become a full time writer and arouse people with her words, but until writing becomes more profitable, Isabelle toils away at her full time day job, writing in the evenings and weekends. When Isabelle isn’t writing or working, she loves reading, crocheting or spending time with her family and pug.

Isabelle is very excited to join in her very first Smutathon.

Twitter: @RomanticIsa
Website: isabellelauren.com

Jayne Renault

Jayne Renault is a self-proclaimed reckless lover, boisterous laugher, and long-winded sex-positive writer. She likes to play around with bisexual babes, beautiful strangers, smug masturbation sessions, and the sometimes darker undertones of the human experience. A good metaphor will turn her on more than a pretty face ever could, and she is the resident Smut Queen and erotica editor at Bellesa.


Twitter: @jayne_renault
Website: jaynerenault.co


KinkyWriter is an erotic author who enjoys writing about BDSM and fetishes, including kinks like female domination, chastity, cuckolding, and many more.

Helping readers to explore their perverted desires is a special perk of writing kinky erotica, and KinkyWriter is looking forward to sharing some of these fantasies in their very first Smutathon!


Twitter: @kinky_writer
Website: kinkywriter.com

Quinn Rhodes

Quinn Rhodes (ze/hir) is a queer, trans and disabled sex blogger. Ze is an ethical slut, a polyamorous feminist, and an enthusiastic pervert who writes about hir adventures in learning to fuck without fucking up. Quinn is a sex nerd with vaginismus who creates fuck positive content and audio porn. Ze also creates advice on how to be inclusive of trans and non-binary folks, because apparently people struggle with that.


Twitter: @OnQueerStreet
Website: onqueerstreet.com

Sarah Brynn Holliday

Sarah Brynn Holliday is a sexuality writer, speaker, and sex toy company consultant based in Salem, Massachusetts. Sarah is the Spooky-Femme-in-Chief at Formidable Femme where they primarily write about healing, pleasure, and sex after trauma and pushing for ethical, equitable business practice within the sex toy industry. Sarah was recently featured on MTV News and has spoken at numerous colleges across the U.S., including Cornell University. They’re thrilled to be part of Smutathon this year!


Twitter: @SarahBHoll
Website: formidablefemme.com

Selina Shaw

Selima Shaw's author photoSelina Shaw is pretty new to sharing her erotic writing, and loving every minute. She’s a lifelong lover of myth, fairy tale and the countryside, and a more recent lover of BDSM, especially femdom. She likes to explore these lovely things in her stories and build sex positive, queer-friendly worlds. When she’s not being a randy nerd, she’s being just a nerd, hanging out in fandoms, cobbling cosplays together, and treating all video games like dating sims.


Twitter: @ShawberryTart
Literotica: Selina_Shaw


Starcross author image

Starcross writes erotica under the pen name Franklin Mercer. He has been a sex blogger since early 2012, writing about various subjects including ethical non-monogamy, BDSM and long-term relationships. You will too often find him on Twitter


Twitter: @LoveLustLondon
Website: londonloveandlust.blogspot.com

The Other Livvy

The Other Livvy is a blogger, photographer and medical professional. Once described as ‘way better than hospital porn,’ her writing chronicles her ongoing sexual exploration and curiosity about love, kink and everything in-between. She lives in London with her erotica writing husband, Exhibit A, and their baby daughter.


Twitter: @theotherlivvy
Website: theotherlivvy.com

Violet GreyViolet Grey author photo

Violet Grey is a British sex blogger and erotica writer. Her blog, Life of Violet, entails erotic writings, essays and musings on sex, BDSM and society. Holding a Masters degree in Creative Writing, she also teaches erotica writing online.


Twitter: @v_greyauthor
Website: becomingvioletgrey.com

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