For Smutathon 2019, we chose to support The National Network of Abortion Funds!

To say that we live in volatile times is perhaps an understatement. On either side of the Atlantic, the political and social situation is, well, tense. Divisive. Unsettling. And for a group of sex positive, feminist, queer, body positive kinksters, much is going wrong! Truths that used to be self-evident are now under review and under attack – that we have control over our bodies, that we can chose who we love, that we are all created equal – and these attacks are leaving many of us high and dry, without the support and help that we should receive without question.

Currently, one of the biggest issues affecting our generation is the steady reduction in access to abortion rights. New legislation in USA is limiting funding to abortion services and pro-life activists are gaining in confidence as their activities are allowed to swell unchecked by authority. In the UK, people in Northern Ireland still are unable to access abortion services and have to travel to the mainland to get an abortion.

The Smutathon authors all feel that this is not acceptable. Whether or not you would personally want an abortion, we should all have the right to choose. We should not have our bodies controlled by other people who will not have to live with the consequences of this control. This is why we chose to support Abortion Support Network, a charity that helps people from Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Malta and Gibraltar travel to access a safe and legal abortion by funding their travel, in 2018. This is why we have chosen to support the National Network of Abortion Funds for our transatlantic fundraiser this year.

Fund abortion! Build power!

Member organisations work across their network to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access. Some of them work with clinics to help pay for abortions. Some of them offer support such as transportation, childcare, translation, doula services, and somewhere to stay.

Their network’s organisations are autonomous, diverse, and united to move towards a world we want to live in, where all reproductive options, including abortion, are valued and free of coercion.

There are approximately 70 organisations in the network.

Their Mission

NNAF builds power with members to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centring people who have abortions and organising at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice.

Their Vision

We envision a world where every reproductive decision, including abortion, takes place in thriving communities that are safe, peaceful, and affordable. We envision a world where all people have the power and resources to care for and affirm their bodies, identities, and health for themselves and their families—in all areas of their lives. As we shift the conversation about abortion, it will become a real option, accessible without shame or judgement.

Their Values

NNAF recognises the connections between systems of oppression. A comprehensive vision of justice for our communities must involve working towards economic, racial, gender, and reproductive justice.

Every person has the non-negotiable human right to determine whether, when, and how to create family. People deserve unrestricted access to the rights, information, and resources to care for themselves and their families.

Collective Power
NNAF is determined to build a base of shared power from the ground while standing alongside other movements in solidarity. People who are most directly and disproportionately impacted by structural barriers are the best architects of solutions that centre their voices, experiences, and leadership.

NNAF advocates for a reduction of shame and an increase in compassion for people as they navigate life. Reproductive coercion, burdens, and barriers to reproductive healthcare are all forms of violence.

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