2021 has seen a concentrated effort to roll back trans rights around around the world. Because of this, we’ve decided that Smutathon 2021 will raise money for charities that support and are led by trans and non-binary people – Gendered Intelligence and Trans Lifeline.

About Smutathon


Smutathon is an annual, 12 hour erotic writing challenge. Writers from around the world come together (*snicker*) and write as much as we can to fundraise for feminist and sex-positive charities.


Smutathon 2021 will be held on November 6th, and this year we’re raising money for Gendered Intelligence in the UK and Trans Lifeline in the US.

EROTICA WRITING FRIENDS! Who wants to do a charity smut-a-thon? (I'm thinking Backlash, Rape Crisis, or one of the LGBTQ youth charities?)

Past fundraisers

Smutathon 2017

During our first Smutathon we raised £2,000 for Backlash UK and Rape Crisis England and Wales. Ten writers from around the world worked in coordinated efforts to write thousands of words.

Smutathon 2018

We supported Abortion Support Network and raised £1,100 for them. Eight writers congregated in a small AirBnB in Chester to write over 10,000 words in 48 posts on our individual blogs.

Smutathon 2019

We supported the National Network of Abortion Funds with writers gathering in Montreal and joining in virtually. We raised over $3,000, publishing 49 posts here on our brand new site – with 14 more being linked up.

Smutathon 2020

Despite having to take Smutathon fully virtual, we raised over £3,100 for Endometriosis UK. Writers from around the world joined in and we also shared a series of Endo Stories to raise awareness about the realities of endometriosis.

Meet the current Smutathon team

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